The introduction of our Foundation

Ben G. FodorI.V.N. / Incipit Vita Nova
A long term project on an essential contemporary theme: the role of utopias. A cycle which has taken shape over years, ‘Incipit Vita Nova’ grapples with the issue of new idealistic orientations, starting with the ‘old’, in some cases failed 20th-century utopias as manifested in structures and monuments. Semi-fictional architectural models correspond to photographic works and drawings on plaster, which resemble archaeological finds.
For the first time, connections between ‘left’ and ‘right’ totalitarianisms of the past and current excesses of the ‘mammonism’ are extensively articulated in an artistic format.Ben G. Fodor

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The Foundation for a Complex Cultural Research came into existence in 1994, with its goal to produce and develop complex cultural databases and collections, to provide financial and moral support for cultural and social research, to explore the peculiarity of Hungarian ethnicities and subcultures. Furthermore, social research and value preserving through visual tools, such as film, video and photograph.
The foundation’s activities are: organization of exhibitions, establishing collections, providing versatile support for researchers, presenting the results of researches, organizing open and reserved tenders, naturalization of new social scientific research and registering methods, especially the application of electronic multimedia. In addition, the organization of professional debates, postgraduate courses, and educational activities connected to the above mentioned material.

Our most important projects and events:
·    tenders for college students for individual fieldwork
·    Posthumous edition of Erno Kunt’s Photoantropology
·    Arranging Photography and anthropology exhibition series (Katowice, Lublin, Miskolc, Budapest)
·    Organizing Consistent paintings exhibition (Budapest, House of Hungarian Photographers)
·    Setting up national conferences for Adventures in the World Village (university training and multimedia)
·    Orchestrate Miskolc Multimedia Manufacture workshop (with the Miskolc Gallery)
·    Assemble Germinations International multimedia-art workshop (with the Miskolc Gallery)
·    Anthropologist Consulting Day (University of Miskolc, Cultural and Visual Anthropology Department) associate organizer
·    Organizing the Mask university discourse, seminar-series, fine-art and culture-historical exhibition (Budapest Gallery, with the MissionArt Gallery)
·    Five Houses, ethnicities in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, interactive multimedia CD-ROM projects for children and young adults with the support of the Information Technology Ministry
·    Support of the Department of Cultural and Visual Anthropology at the University of Miskolc (acquisition and rental of tools, Professor- and Student tenders, inviting outside lecturers)
·    Supporting Aldebaran Carphatian-Euro Region Social Scientific Research Workshop (Miskolc)
·    Supporting Erno Kunt Picture Writer Workshop (Miskolc)
·    Labyrinth of Cultures, promotion with playful tutoring to further popularize the Institution of Cultural and Visual Anthropology at the University of Miskolc.

Professional Motion Picture Activities
His producer activities and technical support created the following documentaries:
·    Uszka is just a small village, directed by Zsuzsa Torok
·    Under the Regec Castle, directed by Nora Ruszkai
·    Warriors, directed by Zsuzsa Torok
·    Roomlessness, directed by David Ban
·    Budafok Mosaic, directed by Reka Orsolya Kurtosi
·    Rare Pattern: White Raven Patrol, directed by Jozsef R. Nagy
·    Bahamas, directed by Nora Ruszkai
·    Elektrógerek, directed by, Istvan Nagy
·    We don’t even know who we are, directed by Richard Orosz
·    On my own, directed by Nora Ruszkai
·    Relief, directed by Robert Racsko
·    Mountain hunter in the Carpathians, directed by Gabor Osgyani
·    Homeless, directed by Robert Racsko
·    This is how they got in it, directed by Robert Racsko
·    Pressure in vain, directed by Nora Ruszkai
·    We stick to our fathers’ law, directed by Agnes Feczko
·    Attila’s treasure, directed by, Elemer Szabo
·    New Horizon, directed by, Robert Racsko
·    Servants, directed by, Elemer Szabo
·    First after 600 years, directed by Gabor Osgyani