Kepes Institute

Interactive exhibition of the legacy and oeuvre of György Kepes (1906–2001), internationally renowned artist and theorist, as well as the effect of Kepes’ art and philosophy on contemporary art, in the largest art exhibition space of North Hungary.

György Kepes

“The mind of a scholar, the eyes of a painter, and the heart of a poet is what we need at the same time”— wrote George Kepes. The artist’s motto very well reflects his oeuvre realised at the border of art and science, which we can experience here. More >

About us

In the historic centre of Eger, Kepes Institute offers permanent exhibitions of art by George Kepes, the Paris-based artist Vera Molnar, as well as Attila Csáji, whose art follows the spirit of Kepes. Also related art shows and other cultural events. More >


Kepes Institute Modern and Contemporary Art Centre is operated by the Foundation for the Complex Research of Culture. More >


The building housing the Kepes Institute in the historic centre of the city of Eger, besides providing the largest art exhibition space of North Hungary, and its outstanding architectural values—not surprisingly in Eger—has an adventurous past. More >