The Effect of George Kepes on Contemporary Hungarian Textile Art

Temporary exhibition 2020.05.28. – 2020.08.30

Following a call to create clothing, accessories, spatial textiles and jewelleries related to and inspired by the spirit of George Kepes, here come the results reflecting the colourful Kepesean palette.

George Kepes was active in uncountable genres and many techniques. His own research and experiments, as well as the activities of the institute he established enabled the creation of new materials and the novel use of existing ones. But how would his way of thinking look like in textile, clothing and accessories?

The works submitted to our call reflect the versatility, the creativity, the experimenting and innovating will, the sensitive reaction to the actual problems of the world—the characteristic features of George Kepes’.

Among them we can find works reflecting on the phenomena of light and seeing, visualising the invisible, and the scientific approach thereof, ones using special materials, as well as works aiming at making the richness of the world be visible or emphasising the importance of environmental consciousness. According to the speciality of the genre, the artists and the curators are all women, therefore the female approach is also strongly present in the exhibition. The show with a holistic approach similar to the views of Kepes, highlighting consciousness as well as the correlations of natural phenomena and the society, wishing to shed light on the novel, the up-to-date, the valid, is joined by a catalogue and a fashion show.

The curators are Márta Bulla and Dr. Mónika Mária Lipp.

The exhibiting artists are Stefánia Ágoston, Judit Bányász, Klára Bein, Anna Bezsenyiné Vidák, Márta Bulla, Edit Csanák, Dóra Domokos, Júlia Erdős, Réka Fűzi, Erzsébet Golarits, Enikő Gyöngy, Barbara Hernády, Kinga Hernády, Ildikó Horvát, Iringó Kis, Nóra Lévai, Gabi Lőrinc V., Lili Hanna Lőrincz, Judit Miklós, Claudia Mileji, Anna Róza Mitter, Judit Nagy, Katalin Anna Páll, Szilvia Zita Rémiás, Ágnes Réti, Andrea Ruttka, Judit Sápi, Bori Segesdi, Beáta Somody, Eszter Söptei, Kitti Szabó, Katalin Sziráki, Edit Szirják, Blanka Szűcs, Lívia Tóth,  Gabi Varró,  Krisztina Vigh, Zsuzsi Vinkler, and Elvira Virányi.

A report on the exhibition in Hungarian can be accessed at: