Project Description

During the fulfilment process of the project, the building at 16 Szechenyi St, Eger will be completely renovated.  The foundation’s desire is to introduce Kepes’ legacy in the form of a permanent exhibition. Another goal is to present Kepes’ effect and medium, in which the artist lived and worked, through the work of his contemporary peers. The third profile is to bring in the modern and contemporary fine arts through temporary and periodical exhibitions.

The project aims to operate a museum, which works using the technological qualities of the XXI. century. The objective is to establish an internationally accredited contemporary art center from the existing building, by making necessary modifications, while conserving the national monument values. We want to create a stage, where the unique millieu and historical values help and support the understanding and apprechiation of art.

The artwork of Kepes, as well as the pieces and recognition of the world famous artists whoes work will be presented in the Media Museum will generate an international-level cultural tourism in the region. The emerging art center will be one of the country’s, moreover further region’s most significant institution, which we are yet lacking. This institution will have an important role in decentralising the Budapest-centered cultural life.