The building

16 Szechenyi St
Eger, Hungary
Lot #: 4873
Monument #: 2037

Modern day’s 16 Szechenyi St stands where anno Hajdu Captain Mihaly Somogyi’s residence stood in 1690. Previous to this building, there were eight smaller structures in ruinous conditions here in 1690. Demeter Bersenyi purchused the property from Somogyi in 1713, then shortly after him Gergely Zorger became the owner until 1732. From Zorger, prebendary Imre Csomortanyi bought the estates, who acted as owner from 1732 ’til 1738, then after his death the residense was sold. After him prebendary Mihaly Gyetvai, in 1745 prebendary Ferenc Deak, then in 1746 prebendary Janos Gusztinyi became the owners of these assets. In 1751, widow Mrs. Jozsef Wallner, then in 1752 Mihaly Pechy, senator was the owner. In 1775 Pechy exchanged this land for another property in Eger owned by Janos Farkas, town clerk. From Farkas, Antal Szalghary and his wife Anna Vratarics bought the land. From them, Joseph Spetz chemist and his wife Katalin Rembold purchased the estate for HUF 4500. Spetz moved his pharmacy here from the Jesuit monastic quarters. Spetz wanted to build a new house on the land, therefore requested the town council to straighten out the property’s street side.
This correction to present day’s Szechenyi St side added 4 square acres to Spetz’s land. According to Voit’s assumptions, at this time the building was one-storied, and covered only portions of the land. In 1812, Spetz built a sugar factory in the back of the land. The main and 1st floor of the building currently standing on the land was began to be built in 1812 in vintage/classic style. The construction was almost completed in 1814, when Spetz and the designer-contractor Ferenc Povolni had an argument, after which the half-way completed construction was finished by someone else, based on Povolni’s layout.
Based on Voit’s theory, the building was damaged in a fire in 1827, and during the renovation procedures the 2nd floor was added.
In 1833, Spetz rented a part of the building to the Eger Casino Association, which was founded in the same year. The estates were bought from the bankrupted Spetz in 1841 by prebendary Rajner and Frimm. The Casino had the interior painting re-done and added decorations to the assembly hall. As continuous renter, the Casino purchased the building in 1878, and stayed the owner until the nationalization.

In the 2nd half of the XX. Century, the building provided several functions. It operated as County Union Hall, Youth hall, and as the Arts Hall. The blueprint of the AKK Foundation brings the currently destructive conditions to a renovated building that will comprehend with the demands of the XXI. Century.

1. Eger, Megyei Levéltár (1906 körül)

2. Eger, Megyei Levéltár (1906)

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